It was ten years ago when the idea for Website Design Newcastle had first started getting kicked around. A small group of three- two game engineering majors and a marketing major- shared their love for the video game hobby. At first dreaming of making their own games, they noticed in time that there was actually a bigger area they could use their talents in gaming: to help established, rising video game makers to better promote themselves online to a world full of potential customers.

Unwilling to leave the city they called home, they decided to create what would become known (humbly) as Website Design Newcastle. With a name that was descriptive and straight to the point, the three started on their journey of helping local game developers to express themselves on their own customized site, and over time their great work and ethic got the small company noticed by bigger players in the European gaming market scene. After years of expansion, five more employees were taken on, creating the elite 8 that now call the company their own.

Their work on WilliamHill, Ladbrokes, and Unibet not only got them close to the game creators they’ve long admired, but the insights they’ve gained into the effort that goes into producing video games has energized the team into being just as good at their own job of promotion and presentation as game makers are at what they do. More than that, the team understands that in a global gaming marketplace the growing creative voices of European gaming have a huge field to stand out against and that it takes more than just luck and a good product to stand out.


What Makes Website Design Newcastle Worth It?

These 8 individuals boast a collective education and experience that have allowed them to create the immersive, well-tailored online experiences their clients have used to promote their games and get it into the hands of their audience. As much as an art as it is a science, the team at Website Design Newcastle attends numerous seminars and forums to learn about the newest in cutting edge technology and techniques to reach out to the world of gamers beyond their European shores, and being composed of avid gamers themselves they are also constantly learning through the different gaming communities how to best reach out to consumers and what they need from a web presence to follow what goes on in the gaming community.


Tools of the Trade

Website Design Newcastle is nothing without its tools, though, and the team has learned to use plenty. On the programming side, languages like HTML5 and Ruby have been looked over and used in extensive detail so that the team can insert all the necessary images, widgets, and links that their clients may need for their identity. As different programming styles ebb and flow in popularity, the programmers have their fingers on the pulse of the web design industry to keep themselves up to date on what is the next big thing and where they should be concentrating their efforts.

For the design side, because the aesthetics of color, layout and font can be absolutely critical in not only attracting but also keeping attention, the designers work tirelessly to follow the website trends for different audience facing gaming portals, and they work to incorporate new graphical styles in their presentation of information on the websites they design. With a generous revision cycled laid into their contracts, the designers meet in person with the clients to get a feel for their unique style and what their desires are for their online presence, and then they create mockups to show how the new website would look. After going over the design of their digital persona, the designers incorporate the feedback for any changes that are necessary and then use their experience and intuition to ultimately finalize the final look and layout of the website for the programmers to create.

Just as important as the programming and the layout is the understanding of the psychology of fans, though. That’s where the marketers and communication specialists come in. They follow up on what gamers are talking about, asking about, and screaming they want. Whether it’s following publications online, groups in social media, or different electronic conventions, these experts are always busy at work understanding what it is that gaming consumers want. Using this precious information, they collaborate with the designers on the look of the website and they talk to the clients to let them know how their persona will be perceived and how to best leverage themselves when communicating to their audience.

Finally, none of these creative, intelligent people would be able to operate without a great structure to hold them in place. With an amazing logistical team in place, Website Design Newcastle isn’t simply a group of creatives and academics- it’s a well oiled machine that sets and meets deadlines and different components of the project every time. These people are the unsung heroes of the video game industry, and when talking to clients they let them know in no uncertain terms what is needed for the project and when everything will be delivered by. There is no confusion, laziness, or uncertainty here, but rather a process and a product that any game maker can trust to be what they need.



If you’re a game maker who needs some help reaching out to Europe or the world beyond the shores, don’t try to tackle everything yourself. Your web presence is no longer an amateur job, it is your face to your audience across the planet. Any kind of shoddy work or half done sites can reflect poorly on you and the video games you’ll be making, so when the job is so important to your success, why take a chance? You wouldn’t cut corners on your game, so why here?

Let Website Design Newcastle help. Professionals in their fields with the experience and portfolio to show for it, they’re also incredibly big fans of gaming and understand the mindset it takes to get into that kind of hobby and succeed. More than that, they’re proud of the place they call home, and want to do their best work to show the world just how entertaining European games can be. For a group of professionals who will take your needs and ideas into account to give you the best possible space to show off yourself and your product online, there’s no other business you need to look to.