Catching Traffic with the Top Mobile Design Elements

People are moving away from the traditional desktop computer to more mobile options. They want the web to go with them wherever they go, so websites need to follow. For the web designer, this means optimizing every site for mobile applications. The key is not just to have a mobile site, though; it’s to make the mobile design user-friendly as well as profitable for the website. This can be done by using a responsive layout. Many templates exist that can be looked to for inspiration. Some of the elements that are most appealing to the end user are:
• Crisp, clean layout
• Simple color scheme
• Easy to find settings button
• Activity feeds
• Notifications
• Check-in screen
• Comment detail
A crisp, clean layout allows the user to easily see exactly what they expect to see, without a lot of ads interfering with their experience. Color schemes should complement the layout of the site. Only use deeply contrasting color to direct attention, such as buy buttons or members only areas. Another important aspect is the ability to change settings, especially privacy settings. Making this easy for the user will attract more users and more traffic for the site, which is appealing to the site owner or administrator. Activity feeds allow the user to not only see their own status, but also the status of others. This comes in handy for friends, family, employees, co-workers, and any other user circles on which the site focuses. Knowing what other users are doing adds to the mobile social experience. This goes hand in hand with the check-in screen. Great mobile designs make it stress-free to extend the social experience by offering a check-in screen that is easy to use. Leaving comments is an additional aspect wanted by mobile users. Whether the site is primarily social, sales, or information based, the ability to comment on activity and products is sought by users. This creates a full circle interactive experience.Incorporating the Elements into the Mobile Design

The most important part of incorporating these elements into mobile design is keeping the user interface in mind. Buttons should be easy to see and click. Menus should be simple to find and swipe. Lists should be relevant and maneuverable for fingers to pinch or expand. Not everyone is going to take time out to find a stylus to use on the screen. Being mobile means the ability to use one or two fingers for every screen decision. Every element should be logical and its placement on the screen should make sense to the user. A check-in screen can feature a map with a relevant radius or the ability to change the radius for the desired details. If the site offers incentives such as points or milestones, a progress tracker can be included to allow the user to track the required actions to achieve each level. Comparison screens, such as those used for products or services, need an interface that allows the user to view the information as a chart after selecting the items for comparison. Easy to click buttons and swipe rows will allow the user to access the information they want without losing the ability to access the buy button. All of these elements represent the top technologies in mobile design. Keeping the user interface in mind, the ability to connect, and ease of use will keep your mobile designs at the top of the list.

How To Market Your Iphone Application

Create a Useful App That Is Free of Bugs
The most overlooked part of marketing an app is that it has to be something that users want. You need to look for a way to create an app that speaks to the desires of a particular audience. If you can write a useful app, you will have already conquered half the battle. However, a good idea for an app is only the start. You also have to be able to create an app that is completely free of bugs and offers a fantastic user experience. There is nothing that will sink your app faster than putting it out while it is still full of bugs. You need to make sure that your app has been tested over and over again for errors. Make sure that you harness a group of beta testers to use your app during the testing process. You need to listen carefully to all the suggestions for improvements from beta testers so that you can perfect your app as much as possible before you launch it for real. When you take the time to put the best possible version of your app on the market, you will have the best chances of achieving marketing success.
Get Your App Reviewed as Many Places as Possible
When you have done everything possible to perfect your app before you launch it, the next step is to get it reviewed by as many sites and bloggers as possible. To find potential reviewers, the first thing you can do is to search the topic of your app on Google. This will help you to find newspapers, professional blogs and review sites you can target. Try to create a list of at least 20 different reviewers that you can send advanced copies of your app to. Since you have spent the time to create an app of the highest quality, you will generate a ton of positive buzz about it by letting as many people possible review it. As well as sending out advanced copies to professional reviewers, you should also offer amateur bloggers the chance to get a copy at a discounted price if they agree to review your app. However, you should never pay for a review. If the public learns about an app developer that has paid for positive reviews, it can really sink the reputation of the app no matter how good it actually is.
Social is the Keyword in Marketing
If you want to successfully market your app, the key thing to do is to be as social as possible. This starts with social marketing. You need to encourage users to like and follow you on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, getting people to follow you on social media is only half the battle. You also need to be interact with them as much as possible. Make sure that you answer or reply to questions and comments on your app’s social media pages. You should make a habit of releasing new content on the app’s social media pages on a daily basis. Contests for a chance at a free copy of your app for liking it on Facebook is always a great way to increase your social media exposure. In addition to using social media to market your app, you should also make use of message boards that are related to your app. It is free to create an account on forums and message boards, and interacting with other members is a smart way to develop a positive vibe about your product that will help to ensure its success.

The Perfect Mobile Design Page 2015

mobile marketing   Here we are in 2015, who would have thought your small device you use to talk, text, and browse the web, would be a new method of commerce. Today, all around the world millions of users are spending a ridiculous amount of time on there phones. The nights of having dinner with the family and talking about your day are gone. Interactions with  peers face-to-face are slowly vanishing as Skype conversations and FaceTime takes over our communication. But is there any good that comes out of this? As a matter of fact, there is. Mobile device use is growing insanely quick. People are using their smartphones for playing poker for money to purchasing a new shirt with one day shipping for an event later. The growth is happening and the ones that don’t step in and get a piece of this large pie will be eventually left behind.


Statistics On Mobile Use

Here are a few statistics for a business owner looking for ways to grow revenue at the end of the day.

-Half of mobile searches lead to purchases and transaction where on a website, call or desktop later that night.

-This year is a milestone for the mobile industry as it’s estimated it will lead to $400 billion in business for 2015.

-41% of millennials use their device to search for products, accessories, and shopping which leads to a 41% purchase rate.

-Almost half of the visitors to any site say that the loading time of the site is the most important factor, if it doesn’t load they will never return.

-By 2018 it is estimated that mobile video will lead the way in traffic by 68%.

-Mobile ads out preform desktop ads by 4-5 times.

Mobile applications are growing and so is marketing with them.


Which Designs to Choose?

The design on a phone and a tablet are very different than on a desktop for many reasons. A call to action must be clear and fast. Many people want to add endless buttons and text in hopes of converting a visitor but only end up hurting their own results. So which designs are best?

First, you’ll want to focus on cleaning up any messy page that isn’t clear to the visitor. One of the best things you can do in your circle of contacts is send a link via text to a friend asking him what he got from the site in the first 5 seconds. If his answer is different then your mission statement it’s time to re-create a new look. Secondly, you will want to make sure it is optimized and doesn’t have the same look as your desktop site. This is very important because Google is rolling out with a new algorithm soon that will give preference to mobile optimized website. Thirdly, make sure that your buttons are clean and clear to what your goal is for the visitor to take. Don’t waste time with boring sentences or depressing colors. Lastly, one of the best things you can do is look at your competitors to see what the top industry leaders are doing, but with diligence. Some huge companies don’t have a clue when it comes to creativity.

A great company that has this together is -Epelican- the design is clean, clear, and appealing to the eye. One thing they do very well is keep it simple for the visitor to take the action right away and doesn’t waste time.